Why Hire Us for Language Services?
Our project leaders, linguistic experts and language teams understand today's
complex communications environment. From basic translations to complex
multimedia content, we work to ensure effective and dependable language
solutions are delivered on time and on budget.

   Your business can reach 90% of its online audience by delivering content in just 24 languages. By working with Linguitronics and focusing on 9 key European languages, and 15 others used in the Middle East and Asia, you can reach a truly global audience in an instant.

   In 2015, Simplified Chinese was the second-most requested language for translations worldwide. Linguitronics’ core expertise in Chinese language and culture ensure you need look no further for the perfect language partner.

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We are one of the most well-established language
service providers in Asia. From local businesses to
Fortune 500 companies, our experience and
expertise cover a wide range of both commercial
and industrial applications.

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